Find me someone who enjoys turbulence...  

Actually don't,  because they would likely be some super logical person with no irrational fears and then I would feel like an idiot in their presence. Yes I'm fully aware that the odds of plummeting to an untimely death in a plane crash are 1 in some number with at least 6 zeros on the end of it. I also know that the cause of that 1...is definitely not turbulence.

BUT...the fact remains that I hate it. I hate every bump, every dip and most of all the look on the face of the passenger next to me as they wonder how they got stuck next to the crazy chick who is clutching the armrest and taking sharp breaths with every jolt. 

I tolerate it though and will continue to tolerate it for one thing...the pursuit of new lands to explore. I'm in my 30's, work full time in the corporate jungle, but still take every chance I can to get out into the world. It's doable. Not just for me, but for anyone itching to experience something new. Hopefully my meanderings can provide some inspiration or helpful guidance for your next trip. Have a couple drinks, pop on some headphones and try to pretend you aren't thousands of feet in the air...it's worth it!